Build Customer Loyalty with a Digital Magazine


The principle objective in producing a Customer Loyalty digital magazine is to generate more sales from existing clients through repeated business.

The principle works with both retail and trade customers. The editorial content is written to suit the different needs of the customer.

The editorial content could focus on educating clients in innovative ways in which the products and services can be used, offering help and advice by examples. It is also beneficiary to encourage quality feedback from customers, such as their views on how the product and service can be improved.


A digital magazine can deal with more in-depth articles than can be achieved in direct mailing.


A digital magazine is automatically delivered to a smartphone which means the magazine is always with the client, right in their pocket. They can read it anywhere, unlike emails which are often delivered to a desk top computer and accessed during office hours, and then there is far too much competition for time available to read marketing emails.


Uoomag Publishing  has specifically designed digital magazine templates optimised for smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptop devices. These templates are responsive which makes full use of the small screen and have the added benefit of making the publication interactive, which is in-turn makes it more entertaining and engaging.


Uoomag Publishing digital magazine templates do not need costly page make-up which is normal required for a printed magazine. This reduces the time needed to produce each issue and costs associated with page layout designers.



Package on offer – Uoomag digital magazine service

This is for companies not currently producing a printed trade publication, therefore this will be a totally new publication. Uoomag offer an editorial service and a production/delivery service.


This package is split into 2 parts – 1) the content, 2) the production & delivery


The content requires an editor to pull together the articles, text, images, video clips etc… In many cases these articles already exist they just need some editing and assembling into a structure.


Uoomag Publishing can provide an Editorial Service on a fixed fee for an agreed number of Issues.  Alternatively, the editorial process can be undertaken in-house by the company or the company can hire a third party.


The delivery process takes the content and using the Uoomag’s digital magazine templates produces pages made from the text, images and multi-media, which is then ready for publication on all devices; phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.


Uoomag would provide the end to end delivery service on a fixed fee for an agreed number of Issues.